The United Poultry Growers Association is an organization for broiler, breeder, pullet growers, financed by growers and working for growers throughout Georgia.  UPGA serves as an independent voice to advance your interests.

UPGA also monitors policy issues that affect the poultry growers' bottom line and engages the legislative and administrative bodies that can impact them.

our mission

Our mission is to improve the economic and social well-being of contract poultry growers and their families.  We believe we can achieve our goals through open, honest and sincere communication between the grower and the integrator.  The result:  more profits and long-lasting, positive relationships between all parties.


shaping public policy

UPGA has identified four key areas to shape effective public policy for poultry growers:

  • Government affairs  
  • Public Relations and Communications
  • Research and Development
  • Political Action


As a team gives us the clout to get the attention of legislators, the media and the public at large. That is why it is vital to organize and focus grower advocacy ... and why it is important to present ourselves in a professional – and consequently, credible – manner.